Experience And Expertise

I proudly bring over two years of hands-on experience from Callhippo, a leading player in virtual communication services.

Callhippo, as you might know, is a dynamic SaaS brand specializing in providing top-notch virtual communication solutions.

During my time at Callhippo has shaped my understanding of the industry, and I’m excited to leverage that knowledge to bring you content that matters.

Why it Matters:

My journey with Callhippo is a testament to my real-world experience in the virtual communication industry. It’s the foundation of the insights and knowledge that I now bring to Vertextcall. It’s proof that I’ve been in the trenches, working on the front lines of a SaaS brand dedicated to transforming the way businesses communicate.

Proof of what I Achieved:

I contributed to the success of the team by actively engaging in the development, marketing, and SEO aspects of their virtual communication services.

I worked alongside Aditya as a Marketing Manager at Callhippo. Aditya stands out as the go-to expert in all matters related to VoIP and telecom. Aditya not only understands the intricacies of VoIP technology but also stays up-to-date with the latest trends in the telecom industry.

Amit Kakkar

I had a great experience collaborating with Aditya at Callhippo. His expertise in the VOIP industry stood out, showcasing his strategic insights and extensive knowledge. Aditya proves to be a valuable professional in the telecommunications field, consistently demonstrating a proactive approach and a keen interest in understanding market trends.

Adarsh Ravindranathan

Aditya and I collaborated at CallHippo, with me serving as his manager. Working alongside Aditya was a gratifying experience, witnessing his remarkable expertise in digital marketing within the VOIP industry. He consistently brought forth fresh ideas for implementation, demonstrating a keen understanding of our VoIP product.

Nishita Jain